Delivering Future Growth

Randgold Resources’ core strategy is to grow organically and create real value through the discovery and development of world-class orebodies.

Exploration programmes are underway in Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Senegal, and the company currently has groundholdings of 15 260km2 hosting 157 targets in these countries.

Randgold uses the resource triangle as a tool to manage the generation and evaluation of exploration targets optimally. A target’s presence in the triangle means it has the potential to meet the company’s investment criteria; its place in the triangle indicates the level of confidence in that potential. The target moves up the triangle if systematic evaluation increases that confidence. Effective use of the triangle ensures firstly that Randgold’s prospect pipeline is constantly fed with a flow of fresh targets and secondly that promoted targets are largely de-risked by the time resource conversion work begins. This process delivers an inventory of future opportunities which is both well stocked and well balanced.

Resource Triangle

Resource triangle