Gender Equality

Randgold is an equal opportunity employer and our Code of Conduct prohibits any form of discrimination and harassment. However attracting women to mining in our countries of operation tends to be difficult as gender norms, cultural traditions and in-country legislation can deter or limit women’s ability to work in the extractives sector.


  • We work onsite and within our host communities and countries to promote gender equality and the importance of greater female participation in mining and the wider workforce. These efforts include:

  • Lobbying the Malian government to change Mali labour laws in regard to issues of discrimination for women.

  • Work to ensure women-focused labour restrictions do not impact their employment. For example, Malian labour law prohibits women working night shifts, therefore we create rosters and rotations that do not schedule women for night shift duty


  • Support for the establishment of staff women’s associations on each site and as part of our In-Reach programme to ensure women have a dedicated voice on site.

  • We regularly meet with local chiefs to sensitise them to issues of gender equality and inform them of training opportunities available to women, both on site and in the community.

  • Dedicated bursaries for top performing local women at Kibali.

  • Celebrated International Women’s Day on site.