Industrial Relations

Our policies

Randgold is fully supportive of freedom of association to join a union which is a right enshrined in law in all our countries of operation. We do not place any restrictions on which union representation employees should choose and all forms of labour representation among our workforce are welcomed. We regard workers and their union representatives as key partners in our business. Unions are consulted on business decision making processes including cost reviews, attend the relevant mine’s quarterly board meetings and are invited to comment on management presentations. Union representatives also have regular contact with our CEO and the general managers of each mine.

One of the key ways we manage our industrial relations is via a Mine Level Agreement (MLA). MLAs establish mutually agreed rules for issues such as salary increments and acceptable behaviour during times of disputes. They are negotiated and agreed upon by the relevant unions and the management teams of each mine. MLAs are reviewed and updated every three years.

Another important tool in the management of our industrial relations is the mass public meetings the CEO holds twice a year at each site. All workers are invited to attend these public forums which provide an important opportunity for staff members to raise issues or ask any questions they feel important directly with the CEO.

Industrial Relations