Letter from the CEO

Sustainability, in its most literal form, is the ability to continue into the future and that is something at the forefront of everything randgold does.  whether building a safe working environment for our workers every day, investing in the development of national assets, local economies and thriving local communities around our mines, or investing in the natural environment and economic legacy that will support our host communities for the decades after our mines close.


Both now and in the future, the prime mission of our business is to create long term shared value for all our stakeholders.

The Business Case for Sustainability

At Randgold we have always seen sustainability as a core business issue.  That is because the dedication to efficiency, innovation and reliability required to manage environmental and social issues are the same values that are required across every part of our business.


Successful sustainability management is just good business. This year for example, our investment in our anti-malaria programme has led to a fifth consecutive year-on-year drop in malaria incidence for our local communities, but also helped reduce workforce absenteeism caused by malaria by 16%.  Our achievement in meeting over a third of our energy needs with clean, renewable sources, and recycling almost three-quarters of our water also brings significant cost savings that help us deliver more value to our host countries, host communities, employees, suppliers and investors.  

Letter from CEO