Occupational Health

Our Policies

Occupational health hazards such as chemical and dust inhalation or noise exposure are serious risks in gold mining. If left unchecked, such exposure can lead to serious health impairments for workers, including lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis or silicosis, strain injuries, noise induced hearing loss deafness or
even cancers.

Our goal is to create workplaces free of occupational illness. One of the most challenging aspects of managing occupational health risks, is disease latency ie diseases that build up over time due to repeated exposure to risk, and where there can be a long time period between exposure and disease occurrence. However, we are focused on the prevention and reduction of occupational exposures at all sites.

Our Control Methods Include:

  • Site and job specific risk assessments, including similar exposure mapping.

  • Engineering controls and technological developments such as dust collection systems and ventilation systems to reduce onsite particulate matter.

  • Provision of task specific PPE, such as ear defenders, safety glasses, dust masks and breathing apparatus, to reduce or prevent exposure.

  • Regular medical checks for all workers, including blood testing for heavy metals, hearing tests and respiratory monitoring for indications of silicosis and tuberculosis.
    Employees who are regularly exposed to hazardous chemicals also receive regular biological and radiation testing.
Occupational Health