Health in the Community

Our Policies

Our community healthcare strategy is to provide free basic medical care to our workforce, their immediate families and to community members within a 15km radius of each mine. It is a policy that pays dividends in terms of improved worker performance, reduced absenteeism and maintaining our social license to operate. Thus access to quality healthcare is a key priority of our community development efforts.


To fulfil this strategy, we establish health clinics and provide medical equipment and medicines at every mine site and in nearby villages, with the aim of passing control and responsibility for the latter to local doctors and regional health authorities over the medium term.


Our community health programmes also work to tackle the burden of some of the most pressing community and global health problems, paying particular attention to malaria, HIV, Hepatitis B and diarrheal diseases in line with the UN SDGs.

Total Medical Consultations

  2017 2016 2015
Total number of medical consultations 82 792 78 496 80 758
Employees 75% 72% 69%
Employee dependents 16% 16% 18%
Local community 10% 12% 13%
Transforming healthcare