Human Rights and Security Forces

Our Policies

In the remote areas of Africa where we work, there is often a need to reinforce knowledge of and respect for human rights. Therefore we take extra care to ensure human rights are protected throughout our value chain.


At policy level, our group wide Human Rights Policy covers the protection of human rights in employment, community resettlement and engagement of private security forces. Our Code of Conduct, anti-corruption and anti- bribery policies, and Conflict Free Gold Policy also make reference to the protection of human rights. These policies form an important part of induction training and we provide specialised standalone training programmes for all security personnel, including compulsory training in the UN Voluntary Principles on Business and Human Rights.


Randgold monitors that security forces implement the company’s human rights policy by ensuring that:


  • Strict due diligence procedures are in place prior to recruitment, including a requirement to be accredited according to relevant UN agencies.
  • Contractual requirements include human rights clauses.
  • Compulsory training is provided for all security providers in the UN Voluntary Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • A formal disciplinary procedure is in place should any personnel be subject to credible allegations of serious human rights abuse.