Closure planning

Our policies

From the very start of a mine’s operations, we plan for its closure. No mine operates until we have agreed a closure plan for the mine area with the host country government, including a ring-fenced budget set aside to meet closure obligations when the time comes. Our closure planning is guided by each host country’s legislative requirements, as well as IFC guidelines.

Throughout operations we then invest substantially to build local capacity for non-mining based economic activity, training for alternative employment, promoting entrepreneurialism and continuous rehabilitating land. A key part of this is our integration of agribusiness planning within our closure policy, meaning that at the time of closure all mines should have a thriving and locally appropriate group of industries to support the local economy long after a mine has closed down.

We recognise that the successful closure of a mine is as important to our host countries and communities as the successful operation of one. Thus each individual closure plan is regularly reviewed and comprises robust plans to ensure all health and safety requirements are met, that a healthy ecosystem is restored with as much of the original biodiversity as possible, and that economic and land use plans are developed in full consultation with local communities and the national government. We also undertake a social closure impact assessment in the run-up to closure.

We do not have any plans to divest or sell any of our assets to other purchasers. If that were the case then any purchaser would have to fulfil all sustainability requirements of our closure plans. 


Sustainability report
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