Community development

“We don’t want to just build schools. We want to be able to measure the number of people that pass with first class passes. It is all very well walking around building schools, but it’s not about schools, it’s about why you build schools.”

Mark Bristow, CEO



Our policies

Our host communities are partners in our business. They are fundamental to our social license to operate and provide us with the dynamic workforce and skills required to operate world-class mines.

Our policy is to catalyse socio-economic development throughout our communities by working to improve access to education, healthcare, non-mining employment opportunities such as agriculture and finance. To ensure the needs and wants of our communities are addressed, we form community development committees (CDC) for each site comprising local leaders and officials as well as youth and women representatives. The CDC decides how best to allocate the annual community investment budget within five sustainable development categories: education, primary health, food security, potable water and local economic development.