Industrial relations


Our policies

The right to freedom of association is enshrined in law in all our countries of operation and we welcome all forms of labour union representation among our workforce. Our partnership approach underpins all our industrial relations.

Union representatives participate in the leadership of our mines for example by attending each mine’s quarterly board meetings, and are able to view and comment on management’s presentations and voice any general issues of concern. They also participate in management cost reviews and regular dialogues with each mine’s general manager.

Our CEO Mark Bristow meets with union representatives during board meetings, at strategic planning meetings (at least annually), at ad hoc meetings and through holding mass employee meetings at each mine twice a year. All staff are invited to attend these public forums and they provide an important opportunity for staff to raise issues or ask any questions they feel important directly with the CEO.

A key policy in our prevention of strikes and stoppages is the signing of a Mine Level Agreement (MLA) at each mine that is reviewed every three years. MLAs are agreed between the local unions and management and set out mutually agreed rules for each mine on detailed items such as salary increments or the parameters of acceptable behaviour in a strike situation. 

Sustainability report
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