Managing climate risk

Our policies

Power generation is a core part of our business. From the pit to the plant, every part of the gold mining process requires a steady and secure supply of energy, and Randgold also works to electrify the remote parts of developing countries in which we operate. With the enforcement of the Paris Agreement in 2016, we are also determined to reduce our exposure to climate risk in line with a pathway that keeps global warming below two degrees celsius.

Our strategy to reduce our climate risk is to both improve energy efficiency and increase our use of clean energy sources such as hydropower. Both of these elements deliver significant cost savings to our business and host communities. We also aim to be fully transparent about our progress, reporting to international bodies such as CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) as well as providing data in this report.

Our energy policy strikes the balance between meeting current operational needs (approximately 80% of the energy we use is self-generated) and working to reduce energy and emissions in line with a two-degree pathway. Each mine has its own tailored energy plan underpinned by three strategic goals: 

  • To ensure a stable, reliable secure and costeffective supply of energy for all operations.
  • To continuously improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions intensity.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint by developing and using clean energy where it is economically feasible to do so.

Sustainability report
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