Plans and priorities for 2017

Despite the positive progress on safety this year, we want to continue to raise the bar and drive performance towards our goal of zero lost time injuries in 2017. This is a top priority for 2017 and will require constant renewal and awareness-raising of our safety culture by all members of the workforce daily.

Next year will see the full results of our occupational health hygiene surveys published at Loulo, Gounkoto and Kibali and we will develop critical control management plans (CCMPs) to ensure our workers exposure to contaminants is minimised based on these results, both at Loulo and across the group. We will also continue to roll out screening for Hepatitis B as required.

Building on our stable industrial and labour relations in 2017 will include the introduction of an employee satisfaction measurement survey at Kibali and across the group.

Recreating Kibali’s successful relocation of the ASM community at the Loulo-Gounkoto complex will be another major challenge for us in 2017.