Managing Climate Risk

“By taking a long term strategic view of climate change, Randgold will be in a better position to identify risks, reduce costs and find opportunities from the global shift toward lower-carbon economies.”


John Steele, capital projects executive


Managing Climate Risk

All our mines require a secure and steady supply of power to function properly. At the same time they are located in remote parts of the developing world, where access to the national grid is often unavailable, and this means that as much as 80% of the energy we use is self-generated – either through hydropower stations or diesel and heavy fuel oil burning thermal generators. Therefore maximising our energy efficiency and clean energy use is an important business driver.

Our Policies

At a group level our energy policy has two key aims. The first is to ensure we meet the current energy needs of our operations. While the second compels us to ensure we use all energy as efficiently as possible. Each mine also has a site-specific energy plan, which takes into consideration the available infrastructure and resources, and sets out how the aims of the group level energy policy can be achieved.

Engaging with climate chnage case study