Talent Retention and Training

Ensuring that we have a highly skilled and well- trained workforce is critical to the success of our business and an essential part of our human resources strategy. We use a range of tools to identify and recruit the best candidates from our host countries and communities, including tools such as psychometric and dover tests that match competencies with the right roles.


Randgold has a high retention rate including low staff turnover rates in 2017. To support high
retention rates we offer:


  • Generous bonus schemes 
    All employees are awarded a range of incentives including bonuses based on elements such as safety performance, production targets being met, and an ‘excellency’ bonus.

  • Share ownership schemes  
    These include share and bonus schemes for senior and junior employees alike. Senior employees can share ownership of the company through a share system based on a three- year vesting policy.


  • Additional benefits 
    We offer financial benefits such as a 24-month interest free loan to help workers acquire a motorcycle. This also drives wider business goals such as catalysing entrepreneurship in local communities, enhancing worker satisfaction and reducing dependence on Randgold services such as an employee bus.

  • Professional yet collegial environment 
    We have an ethos of one team one mission, and run a number of extracurricular activities to foster company pride, teamwork and friendly rivalry between departments. These include football competitions, awareness raising fun runs, celebrations for Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, Tabaski Day, Christmas and New Year celebrations.